wedding celebrations aboard Loch Ness

29 June 2016, Mike and Sue get married.  As we are not at sea, they do the formal thing at the registrar’s in Inverness


to prepare the barge for the reception, we move down the wharf…

as is customary when the engineer is away, one engine decides to misbehave and the short trip along the wall takes a while (in reverse, the boat does not steer with only one engine… and to take the boat to the wedding location we need to reverse 200 meters)

Once safely at the wedding site, the gusts of wind make erecting the marquee a tricky operation

erecting the marquee on a windy day

Loch Ness wedding setup with marquee and caterer

the flags go up and the caterer ‘The Billy Can’ parks a smart catering van by the marquee and unloads delicious food

wedding layout in saloon

a huge team of Sue and Mike’s families help set up and decorate the saloon, ready for the wedding guests

it was such a happy day!

the happy couple

the wedding cake

the first dance


and after all the fun, the cake, the dancing, they left on their honeymoon aboard their own boat ‘Bata Beag’


going away through Muirtown Swing Bridge


anyone who can read flag signals, please tell me what the flags say on their mast.. Mike has now labelled all my flags with their alphabet letter or number, but I have not had time to learn them yet.



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One Response to wedding celebrations aboard Loch Ness

  1. Norna Hall says:

    Great news.. Do say Congratulations to Sue and Mike next time you see them,. Looks like it was a very happy day.

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