Changing Faces Day on Sail Caledonia 2017


In support of the organisation Changing Faces , whom Adrian has had contact with in his work, we told the Sail Caledonia fleet about the awareness day and offered a stack of facial transfers for people to wear.  There was a huge response from everyone, and it was a big race day across Loch Ness.  Here are some fabulous photographs taken by Jean to document the day

Wearing a transfer was particularly interesting for Jean, as she was the one who works hard behind the scenes, driving the minibus full of camping equipment, organising logistics, picking up fresh food.  As a result she came into contact with many people during her working day.  She reported afterwards that many people were shy about asking what was on her face.  Jean is very good at talking to people; so she was the perfect person to spread the message of the awareness day!

Changing Faces says; ‘We promote a culture of confidence, positivity and acceptance around disfigurement. We campaign for face equality in schools and at work while challenging misrepresentation and discrimination’

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