A boat..

LochNess Barge

Manufacturer; Hall Russel,Aberdeen, built in 1937 as a ‘dumb’ steam powered dredging barge    Boat statistics; steel hull, length 19.8m, beam 6.55m, draught 2.29m, tonnage 47.52, weight 120 tons, 2 engines at total 175 horsepower    History; commissioned as a British Waterways dredger called Fairway in 1930’s and 1940’s, then added a deck and became a restaurant called ‘Loch Ness’ 2006-9.  Now a live-aboard studio from 2010.    Mooring; from 1937, Muirtown Wharf, Seaport Marina,Inverness  IV3 5LE   Business license;British Waterways Scotland – The Caledonian Canal

Loch Ness Barge on the Caledonian Canal working as a dredger.

Loch Ness Barge as a restaurant.

In April 2010 Loch Ness Barge was lying derelict in Seaport Marina and Nicola Gear and Adrian Farrow were looking for somewhere to live and work.  Despite an overpowering smell of diesel and no running water, they moved aboard in June and the process of renovation began.

Loch Ness Barge has become an artists studio and a place for events to take place.

The events have evolved into a program of international artists’ residencies, artists’ events, film showings, community events connected to the canal and boating adventures in the Great Glen.



3 Responses to About

  1. Louise says:

    Hello New Neighbours.
    Welcome to Clachnaharry!
    Xx Woof!

  2. Stephen says:

    Hope to see you tomorrow with family in tow. The basin isn’t the same without you – looking forward to your return to base!

    Stephen (aka the Waterways Trust guy)

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